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Lifesaving Lessons

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

A message from Steve Jeffries

Greetings from your new Safety Officer.  The following information is suggested only for all rowers and launch drivers.  I believe that it is always best to be as current as possible in order to help each other in case of emergencies on the water, in the boathouse and, our land based loved ones.

Free CPR classes through East Jefferson Fire Rescue EJFR offers free classes the first Saturday of each month at the main fire station on Lawrence.  You may pre-register by calling (360) 301-5985  Classes are as follows:  1-2 PM – Infant CPR; 2-3:30 PM – Adult/child CPR; and, 3:30 – 4:30Pediatric first aid.  You may take one or all. Rowing Safety Video:  Regardless of experience, each rower should take the time (27 mins) to review the US Rowing Safety Video.  I recommend all launch drivers watch the entire video as the last segment has relevant information for our purposes. Boater Education Course:  John and I recommend that all launch drivers take the online WA State Boater Education course through Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc.  The total cost is $40.00.  The class takes approximately three hours to complete.  You may take the class at your pace either all at once or over time. If you should take any or all of the above courses, could you please send me an email with the completion date so that I may create a training log for the club.  If you have already viewed the safety video or possess a current CPR/First Aid or Boater Education card, please let me know when you completed the course. Many thanks, see you on the water. PS – Now might be a good time to revisit Buckley’s post about being Swamped


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