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Like Mother (and Father) Like Daughter

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

By Katie Franco –

On Monday morning, July 21, Kathleen Sailer coxed the “8” for 3 rowing moms who had visiting daughters who also had rowed at some point in their past, and then one dad, Steve Jefferies, joined in the fun.

Michele Olsen and her daughter, Evan; Jeanne Costello with her daughter, Tracy; and Katie Franco with her daughter, Daniela, formed what was dubbed “The Love Boat”.

For Evan, in particular, this was just one more event among what was surely the most memorable weekend of her life, since her wedding was only 36 hours prior to the launch of The Love Boat. But, where was the groom? Could she really leave him so soon after the wedding? No, Jared was in the safety launch, never more than a few meters away from his bride. 


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