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Sign-up do’s & don’ts

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

by Mari Friend –

(1) Is there a limit or a deadline for signing up? You can sign up for as many or as few rows as you want. Then check back to see how many people have signed up: Check back at 7:00 pm the night before a morning row Check back at 8:00 am the morning of an afternoon row–note this is a new am time. (2) Can we take our name off after we sign up? Yes, BUT… If you sign up and later realize you can’t come after all, you may take your name off the list–please do this as soon as possible and try to avoid taking your name off the list within 24-hours of the row. And if you absolutely must make a change that will affect others after the 7:00pm/8:00am deadlines above, you should find a sub & notify the row masters. If that fails, you should phone any rowers who will be affected if you aren’t there. Gold star if you find a sub!☆ (3) What if there are “extra” rowers? As we know, it takes 4 people to make a complete boat for sculling. We have both an 8 and a 4 for sweep. Of course there are times when the number of people who sign up isn’t a multiple of 4. If you are one of the later ones to sign up and are beyond the even groups of 4, you have options: (a) Come down anyway & hope to be able to get into a boat-this does sometimes happen, but is not guaranteed. (b) Call another “extra” to see if they want to go out in a wherry with you–at least one of you must be experienced in the wherries. (c) Take your name off the list or move it to the S line–S stands for Substitute. (In this case it is OK to take your name off within 24 hours of the row.


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