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The Survivor

March 30, 2023

Hi Folks, I have been around a wide circle of people who enjoy working on wooden racing shells, and have never heard mention, "Oh I hear That the former New York State Mycologist is consulting on your Pocock restoration project (expert sander as well for he worked on restoring Morgan automobiles). How the restoration group connected with him is another story guided by an incomprehensible Urban Planning Theory.

So anyway, he being a curious dude and as a scientist, wants to know what that black gray stain is? It is alive.

The Survivor

Whatever it is it shall remain nameless because what we are looking at is the root and only its face shall give it a name. Is this thing a Stain on the beauty of the perfect finish or a lovely addition of color and pattern? You must come out and see for yourself. When you are there you might be lucky to hear a conversation between Dr. Noah Seixis, former Professor of Public Health and Dr John Haines former New York State Mycologist about "Sugar And Celluloid : The relationship to the structure and integrity of a 5/32 thick red cedar steam bent Pocock Racing Hull." The discussion may be based upon developing a cleaning product which kills "The Survivor" and dissolve its mark. This Friday there may begin a process to discover how to make that product. Ted


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