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Zed Fred and Ted

March 10, 2023

Hi Folks, 7 or 8 of us are sanding away when who should drop by but Steve Chapin...... I

can't focus on my task, I have to listen as he explains to Noah and Paul how to begin restoration.'' These pieces are rotten and need replacing. These pieces are solid and can stay.'' Knowledge is being transferred and our mission is being strengthened. Being a wood butcher I watch in envy as Paul and Noah skillfully create new intricate pieces for the John Lusk.

That in itself is a wonder but what is a wow wonder are all the folks who come to sand and delicately remove parts of the boat. They believe in the mission, they make our club a very special rowing club.

Zed is Noah's corgi puppy, Fred is a new Rower and Ted is just happy to be part of something special.


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