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Terminology & Coxing Commands
Coxswain (Cox’n)
The person who steers the shell and gives commands for operating the boat.
The first part of the stroke when the blade enters the water.
Button or Collar
A wide collar on the oar that keeps it from slipping through the oarlock.
The flat end of the oar
The forward section of the boat.

Coxing Directions


Getting the boat out:

Hands on, up an inch (for the lower boats)
Ready Up.
Up to shoulders
Ready Up.
Walk it out
Way ‘nuff (at the slings)
Down to waist, turn into slings

Putting boat in water and launching:

Hands on, Ready up.
And down (into water)
Shore side people get the oars (should be middle seats in a quad. Others hold the boat
Oars out
Two and Three get in (in quad)
Stroke in and cox (slightly pushing off with foot)
Starboard or even or cox turns boat depending on location and conditions
In two, way ‘nuff. This is one, this is two, way ‘nuff
Tie in
Count down when ready starting from stern
(Cox uses oars to direct boat in right direction for row)

On the water:

At the release or at the catch, arms and back only, ready row
In two, we’ll go to half slide. This is one, this is two, half slide
In two, we’ll go to full slide. One, Two,  full slide
In two, we’ll do a power 10, etc. One, Two, Power 10 (20, etc.)
Steady state or 80% etc. (in between or after powers)
Heavy on port or starboard
Even row
At the release or catch, 3 halves and full slide, ready row
Hold water (if have to stop immediately)

Returning to shore:

Easy row or On the paddle (as you come in)
In two, way ‘nuff.. This is one, this is two, way ‘nuff
Port rudder.
Everyone out

Getting boat out and on slings:

Hands on, ready up
Turn to water or shore
Walk it out and roll into slings

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