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Guest Rowers


We welcome experienced guest rowers to row with RIRSC.  Guests are limited to three (3) guest rows per calendar year and are based on seat availability. Guests must be hosted by an RIRSC member who will walk the rower through the signup process.  If you do not have an RIRSC host member, contact us. The RIRSC member will need to know your rowing experience. 


Guests who are inexperienced at rowing may row with an experienced RIRSC member only in one of
the club wherries for three (3) guest rows, assuming there is availability of the wherries and not needed for a club row.

Required Forms

The required forms for the guest rower can be found HERE, and include:

  • Guest Rower information form;

  • Emergency Contact information form;

  • RIRSC Liability Waiver form;

  • US Rowing Release of Liability form (for guests who are not already US Rowing members).

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