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Boat Flips and Bellyflops

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Today was the Flip Test Challenge – Baptism by salt water for 11 brave Rats who preferred being wet and cold Rats over being drowned Rats. Perfect hot sunny day for the challenge – perfect spot in an alcove by the Cupola House – And despite some not-so-perfect triple gainers into the water and back in the boat, all lived to tell the tale.

The Craftsbury grads clearly had the advantage of experience – but all of us found our own method – the beached whale, the gaffed tuna, the baby harbor seal, even the bucking bronc rider – as we all clawed our way back in the saddle again.

The hard part was wrangling the oars that wanted to whirl around like helicopter blades. But getting the handles up and the blades flat on the water meant the difference between bellyflopping onto a stable boat – or going over the other side.

We were using an upright boat for our trials. Here is a good video with step by step instructions on how to right a boat that has turned turtle. (You may need to stand on one rigger if your boat won’t right itself easilyNote the instructions on how to retrieve the far oar if the handle is too far to reach.

Thanks to our fearless leader, Janet Palmer, we all feel just that much more confident now. Thank you so much for letting us have this experience under your watchful eye Janet!

– Steve, Mary F, Peggy J, Martha, Mari, Patty, Jana, Francine. Kathleen. Beth and Trish.

So how’d we do?  Photos here


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