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Congrats Mari and Connie!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

One of the fun parts of traveling to any race is meeting & getting to know the other returning competitors. As well as volunteering, OPRA (the rowing club in Port Angeles) members Fumi & Deanna have competed every year.

With the option of erging in 1 or more of 500, 1000 & 2000 meter races, Connie & Mari each rowed all 3 distances with a short rest in between, starting with the 2000, working down to 500 and earning gold on all events.

Around 500 people age 50 & into their 90’s participated in 18 sports at the 10th Annual (and final) Olympic Peninsula Senior Games. There were 17 rowers. Port Townsend rowers have participated every year except 2009 since rowing was introduced as a demonstration sport in 2008. Over the years other RIRSC members who took on the challenge have been Grace Dumenil, Ann Weinmann, Marsha Wiener & Don Berger.

After competing Connie & Mari enjoyed their traditional post race lunch at The Blackbird Coffeehouse across the street. Great salads, quiche & salted caramel pecan pie


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