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Go slow be careful Cut Man

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Today is the Day of joy and trepidation for we shall do a procedure which has risks : We will be cutting 3/64th relief lines in the hull of the ''BUCKLEY" to entice the hull to reclaim its original curve. As you can see by the photos there are temporary internal forms to nudge it back to the place we want it to be. In addition a hot towel will relax it. The deformity in the hull is not obvious at first or even second sight, so why risk it ? Paul, Ted, Fred and Steve say leave it but Cut Man is determined to try for perfection. We are a team, we agreed to try and we love a well thought out challenge. So by the time you read this we will know if we are brilliant or foolish.

So we begin the journey to perfection; boiling hot water poured on the towel to relax the hull as we gently push customized wedges forcing all of the internal forms to recapturing the arc of perfection. The wedges work and the shape is curved BUT the gunnels are twisted and the top ridge which shapes the Dacron cover on the sealed compartments is also curved. Horror, shame, do no harm, descend on us all. Two days later we are back to cover the expansion cuts that are almost invisible with epoxy. One hour later she forgives us and straightens herself out, she is now a forgiving " Almost Perfect" Lady.


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