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Mystery Bay Row, 2023

August 23, 2023

We had a wonderful row to Mystery Bay. Calm beautiful water (on the way out) on a spectacular smoke-free temperate sunny day. Five quads, two launches, 20 rowers, and innumerable support helpers made the day!

Photo credit: Emily Adams

Special thanks

Roger, master planner for so many fine rows to Mystery Bay & Nordland!

Jeanne for finding seats for 3 stranded Nails after one of their teammates was unable to row.

Launch drivers newly-minted Kathy & ever-willing Kristin!

Transport & sling set up team veteran rowers Ken and Roger.

Cox'ns Candice, Janet, Jeanne, Kim & Steve.

Photographers Emily & Cezanne for sharing your pictures.

So many providers of yet another bountiful buffet! (Recipes here).

So great to see John and Carol!

Steve C for giving up a row in Incisor to stroke a quad!

Mari for this wonderful list of thanks!

Photos (credit to Cezanne Alexander)

More photos from Cezanne

Photos (credit to Emily Adams)

More photos from Emily


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