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Nordland Row 2016

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

This year’s Nordland row was a challenge in a Summer of what seems like less-than-Summer weather and lower-than-low tides.   Initially Roger gave us a choice between 2 Wednesdays, then decided to do both. When the first Wednesday fell through due to fog, everyone opted for the Saturday in between.

I opted to jump in at Mystery Bay, row around a bit, and join you for coffee and photo ops…so I asked you to fill in the blanks between Point Hudson and Kilsut Harbor.

The RIRSC fleet of 4 quads and 1 wherry, along with the Nails and Steve and Mark, had a beautiful row over to Mystery Bay where we were greeted by Francine and Janet in their singles. After coffee, water, baked goods, and pictures, we headed back. By then the tide was way out, the SE wind was picking up, and many of us were already tired! Despite 2 shells and one launch grounding out near the neck, and some crazy chop exacerbated by tide and crab boat wakes, we all made it safely back to our boat house home. – Peggy

No rhythm, no finesse, just survival rowing. – Clara

Row over started with a little current induced chop but smoothed out as we entered the cut. Sunshine warmed our tasty treats on the Nordland porch As the low tide and current pulled us through Kilsuit Harbor several boats went aground, some more than once… including the launch on sand bars. – Patti

The row was challenging and very rewarding. It really felt great to be out there. Thanks to everyone who participated and a special thank you to all who made it happen.-Paul

An adventure on the high seas! – Michele

As a ‘once Rat’ who refuses to complete break contact with the club because we enjoy our role as the sometimes official greeters for the Nordland row, I have to say that I had a blast! It was challenging rowing, but the conviviality at the store made it well worth the effort. It was great to see so many rowers make the assault on our fair bay and I’m happy that the store could sell so many coffees and treats while allowing me to ply rowers with chocolate biscottis. I heard about the whims of Neptune and the groundings today on the return trip. Darn, I hate it when that happens. (next year perhaps consider carrying a chart in the launch??) Thanks so much Roger for organizing. -Janet Welch (and Willi Smothers, recovering from injury)

Thank you Roger, Marsha, Ted, and all who put this together!

More photos, and also from Ann Swallow.


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