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Returning the Hoh (part 3)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 Subject: 1960 Gold Medal IV From: S.R. Pocock To: Jim Buckley


I wish to let you know my feelings relative to where the old Olympic Coxless IV really belongs…

I have not been able to get out of my mind’s eye the picture of that beautifully-restored IV up there at Port Townsend, the one used by the four men from the then fledgling Lake Washington Rowing Club to win the 1960 Olympic Gold Medal. (It was the kind of loving care evident in the restoring of that boat along with all the other excellent rejuvenating of old wooden shells that prompted my urging Tytus to act as he did.) That boat really ought to be hanging up in the ceiling of the Pocock Memorial Rowing Center. After all, my Dad and I built the boat and I coached the crew that used it to win the Gold. Dan Ayrault, one of the crew, was on the original Board of the Pocock Foundation and Rusty Wailes was a long-time of the Board as well.

I happen to own a straight four, the “Washington Athletic Club”, which originally was donated to the LWRC by the WAC. It languished over at the UW during the time that LWRC was more or less out of business. In going over the records at our shop, I discovered that we had never billed the WAC for the boat (we never should have been in business), so I laid claim to it and it has ended up at the Rowing Center. As far as I know, it is in very good shape, other than maybe needing a coat of varnish.

If we could arrange for a trade of the two boats, I would be most pleased, as would the Pocock Foundation Board. The Olympic VIII, “Husky Clipper”, which currently hangs in the ceiling at the Center, is to be moved over to the nearly completed Conibear shelllhouse soon, so we will have the perfect place to display the Olympic IV.

Please, Jim, talk to your people up there and see if this can be arranged. Give me a call: 206 285 8972


Stan Pocock


Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 Subject: Stan’s visit and the Hoh

Hello Rowers,

Paul and I are wanting to make sure the rowing community is brought up to date on happenings on the waterfront.

We feel it is very important to share the details regarding an upcoming visit by Stan Pocock and Al Mackenzie to Port Townsend this Friday.

These are the current facts:

1. Stan has not officially asked that the Hoh be relocated to the Pocock Rowing Center. This Friday’s meeting is set up to share with Stan and Al Ð the vision of the Maritime Center, discuss the Pocock Legacy and Pocock Singles Project and to share with them the concept of how you have all provided stewardship and care for the wooden Pococks – especially the Hoh. It is important that Stan and Al understand the concept that the Hoh has been a centerpiece and vital member of this rowing community.

2. No promises have been made to have the Hoh relocated.

3. No decision will be made on Friday regarding the Hoh Ð even if Stan and Al do request that she be relocated. If Stan does ask for the Hoh to be relocated Ð the rowers of Port Townsend will be a part of the decision making process.

4. The Hoh will be returning to Port Townsend after opening day in Seattle, May 7th.

5. It is important to us that Stan has a firm understanding of all the volunteer, financial and stewardship effort provided to the Hoh under the care of the Port Townsend Rowing Community. This will be stated in Friday’s gathering.

6. As soon as we know Stan and Al’s intentions we will let you all know how to participate in the next steps of the decision-making process.

We are hoping that this email helps to address some of your concerns. If not, please feel free to talk to either Paul or myself. We are hoping to have a Port Townsend Rowing Club meeting within the next few weeks to discuss the rowing proposal that we are developing with Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club. We will also keep you informed about the details of this Friday’s meeting with Stan and Al.

Best regards,

Aletia A. Alvarez

New Quads

As part of the trade for the Olympic Hoh, the RIRSC received two quads – the Lorna and the Frank C. and an eight last week. And we went rowing!!!


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