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Spring is here!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Marsha Wiener –

John Collins, who never misses an opportunity to get out on the water and has put one of our launches into the bay a few days in advance of the traditional April 1 launch date, sent an e-mail to the Club a couple of days ago asking if anyone was up for a row today (Sunday, March 23) and offering to drive the launch. 8 rowers showed up at 11 AM, and Jim Mason graciously offered to drive the launch so that John could row. Crews were organized, gear taken out, and soon we were off: Ted Shoulberg, Katie Franco Michele Olsen and Dave McWethy in the Lorna; and Jim Buckley, Marsha Wiener, Judi Bird and John Collins in the Dose. Although John said that he had rowed every week during the past year, and Jim Buckley probably has too, for many of us it was the first row in awhile. A light breeze had blown the clouds away and conditions were fine as we headed to the mill. After a brief rest there we turned around, the two boats lined up side by side, and we were off to the races! John later said that we were rowing at a rate of 26 strokes per minute and he didn’t let up all that much all the way back to the boathouse. The two boats were neck and neck until we reached the Boat Haven, at which point the “whippersnappers” in the Lorna (all under 70) pulled ahead of our “H” boat (average rower age 73.) It was a beautiful day and an auspicious beginning to what promises to be another great season for the Rats.


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