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Chillin at the Nordland Store 9/15/14

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

I’m still totally new to this club but the one Rats event I was most looking forward to was the annual row to Nordland Store on Marrowstone Island –  7 miles each way we figured.

Last year it was cancelled due to weather but we lucked out this year. Just like Goldilocks,  it wasn’t tooo hot or tooo cold but juuuust right. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the only time the sun seemed to go away was when it was eclipsed by the USNS Bob Hope – all 1000 feet of it.

death star

But the force was with us and so was the tide, (thanks to great planning by Obi Wan, Roger McP!) After surprisingly little wake,  we were on our way and into our own Boca Raton – the mouth of Rat Island.

Cruising down Kilisut Harbor was peaceful, picturesque and just awesome.  Mystery Bay was like a rerun of the Wooden Boat festival – only without the crowds.


There was juuuust enough beach to park a quad on and thanks to Linda D., Our Lady of the Land Launch, everything –  cameras, parkas, and 4 sets of slings – was there when we got there.

beach landing

We landed on the beach like ninjas, storming the Nordland store and commandeering its deck, stairs picnic tables – draining all coffee urns and half’n’half cartons within minutes.


Ted handed me his camera at that point, so I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story….except to say that you are one photogenic group – especially on the water!


A photographer came out in his zodiac to get shots of the beautiful Bogie

Riverside:Frank C.

The Frank C. John, Ann Wy, Ann We, Ted (c)


The Bogie – Michele, Barb, Sandy, Larry (c)

Riverside - Katie, Joann, Connie, Karsten (c)

Riverside – Katie, Joann, Connie, Karsten (c)


The Lorna – Steve, Cara, Mari and Janet (c)

For lots and lots more photos you can download, go here.

(shorter) Facebook album here.

Thank you everyone for an excellent adventure – !


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