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DIY Film your own technique

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

I saw this video on YouTube and thought what a great coaching tool! Shows your catch and release and all the stuff you’re doing right or wrong.

I set out to make a simple oarlock mount for my GoPro Clone – a camera you can now get for 89 dollars at Walmart. The whole thing including camera, hardware and accessories was under $150. The oarlock mount is basically just a flatbar with a hole in it (The flotation and duct tape in the picture is overkill)

Here are step-by-step instructions

Bent aluminum Flatbar 1/4″ x 1″ x 12″ (you can get this at PT Muffler)   ………………….$5

Drill a hole big enough to fit over oarlock pin (about 1/2 inch) or have them do it.

Mounting it to your oarlock is easy – just unscrew the top lock nut, slip the flatbar over the oarlock pin and screw the nut back on – I made mine taller so the oarlock would clear. So instead of screwing the locknut back on, screw a coupling nut on the oarlock pin to raise the level of the flatbar. Then bolt the flatbar to the top of the coupling nut with a bolt and lock washer (all Stainless Steel)

THE CAMERA SJCam M20 at Walmart This is a GoPro Clone – very very nice  and wayyy cheaper …………$89.99

Memory Card  …………………$15-20

When you’re done filming, remove the memory card from the camera and put it into the adaptor – then slide the adaptor into your card slot on your computer. The file will automatically appear on your desktop.  You can watch them in Quicktime – or import to iMovie to edit, add music, SFX, etc.

GoPro Accessories –    …………………$19.79

You get lots of accessories for 20 dollars. See below for other video angles I’ve played with.

I liked these flexible foam Octopus tripods – you can wrap them around anything – then honk them down with zip ties, duct tape and whatever else you have. $1.50 each on eBay

With motion sensor on the camera, you don’t see any jarring of the oar in the oarlock  – the video comes out totally smooth.

Once the camera’s on and fully charged it will run for about 60-80 minutes. Turn it on, jump in the boat and go for a row!

REMOTES You can buy a remote control wristband but it only turns the camera OFF, which doesn’t do you much good if you want to start and stop the camera while out in the boat. To turn the camera ON remotely, you need a mobile phone and an app  neither of which I have but would like to try this… Also it would be helpful to see instant replays in the boat so you can make corrections.

The fisheye lens captures both your catch and release without much fidgeting with aiming it. I was surprised at how non-finicky it was about where it was pointed, so long as the general direction was right.

This is an incredible tool. Once you download and play it on your computer, the results are very educational….and humbling!


The head Strap mount was included in the $20 basket of accessories mentioned above. Very snug and comfortable fit and again, that fisheye lens takes in a lot without having to fuss with where you point it.

Head strap mount with camera facing backwards to record the seat in back of me in a quad.

Head strap mount with camera facing forward Record a good stroke at low pressure and follow her on your erg!

Head strap mount turned to side… The blades tell the whole story. What you look like doesn’t matter as much.


Not perfect but gives you more information than side view. Mount on bow to see your release – stern to see your catch.


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