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Enter the 20th Annual Rat Island Regatta

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

When? June 21, 2014

Where? Beautiful Fort Worden State Park,(Discover Pass required) on the beach at the Kitchen Shelter.

The Race: Rowers meeting at 9:15, and first race starts at 10am.

What makes this race so unique is that wind, weather, currents and tides all play a factor in the adventure, which can be a fun challenge.

We have grown over the years from 20-30 boats to last year 59 boats and 120 racers involved.

Compared to other Sound Rower races (singles, doubles and kayaks), we have many 8’s, Quads, fours, and most recently, The Oct , or Octet, an unusual 8-man Pocock wooden sculling boat with 16 oars! It’s said that -when rowed correctly – the Oct is faster than any other rowed vessel… This year, we’re out to prove it as we now have our own Oct to challenge the other Octs in the race!


Click image for full race details

Long Course:  The long course (6.8 NM/7.8 mi) starts and finishes at Fort Worden State Park at the Kitchen Shelter, proceeding SE by Pt. Hudson, then across Port Townsend Bay, around Rat Island and back. Short Course:  We have now added a short course (2.5 NM/2.9 mi) for the many paddle boards and small row boats who want to participate in the race. The short course turns at Pt. Hudson; start and finish same as the long course.

Race Starts New for 2014!

10:00am long course, slower classes 10:30am long course, sliding seat classes 10:35am long course, all other classes 10:40am short course, all classes

Photos courtesy Michael Lampi, Sound Rowers

Photos courtesy Michael Lampi, Sound Rowers


BBQ hot dogs

Fresh wild caught Salmon, grilled to perfection.

A variety of Port Townsend Brewery Beer is available too!

How do I sign up?

*Rat Island Members: Mari has a new sign up sheet on Google Docs for you to sign up as a rower or volunteer for Launch Driver, Assistant Launch Driver, Timers, Registrars and whatever else needs doing..

**Non Members: Go to Sound Rowers Rat Island Race page for more details and sign -up forms. Do it today! There will be a $5.00 surcharge to register the day of the race. (registration closes 9:30 am) Jr. rowers need to sign up ahead  of time to be sure parental signatures are in place.

Early Registration: If you would like to fill out your entry form ahead of the race (especially if you are under 18 years of age and need parental permission) you can get a copy here: Entry/Release Form (PDF).

Entry Fees: 

Pre-regsistration discount: Members of Sound Rowers, Juniors (18 and under): $10 per person. Non-nembers: $15 per person.

Day of race registration: Members of Sound Rowers: $15 per person. Non-members: $20 per person.

Become a Rat-For-A-Day!

Between onsite registration, driving the launch, timing the races, and other odd jobs, it takes a lot of Rats to pull off a major gala event like this! We are an all-volunteer club and it takes all Rats on deck – plus friends like you, our honorary Rat-for-a-Day…It’s a great way to roll up your sleeves, get to know each other and learn we don’t bite!

If you have an interest in helping ,contact Sally Giesler at or 360-301-2344


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