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Mari vs. Crash-B 2017

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

February 16-13 was a big snowstorm in the eastern US, & CRASH-B, the 2K World Indoor Rowing Championships, was Sunday, the 12th in Boston. It was a wild fun weekend!

My flights (going & coming home) were both cancelled due to the weather & rebooked. Then both replacement flights were delayed–but oh so grateful to get those replacement flights! Oh, also wind closed the Hood Canal Bridge for 8 hours right before I needed to go to SeaTac–very stressful.

Big distraction on my group’s ergs–a man from the previous race was very slow & he was still rowing when we were trying to set up our ergs. (The races start every 15 minutes & he took 14:46.) I was actually sitting facing backward when the “Rowers Sit Ready” command was given! When I turned around forward, I noticed the feet & damper settings were both too low. Nothing to do but grab the handle, tighten the foot straps & hope for the best!

Mari at Ergomania (Row2K photo)

Well, it wasn’t my best–I had rowed 8:48.1 (14 seconds faster) two weeks earlier at Ergomania, our regional race in Seattle. So I am very happy about that!

Post Script….After all that (and fighting a cold, as I recall),  Mari’s time wasn’t her personal best, but weeks later during an online challenge, she put in her fastest time ever, beating her own record. We’re proud of you Mari, thanks for representing the Rats in such a prestigious event!


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