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Rat Island Regatta 2021

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This year’s Regatta challenge started well before the horn went off. The logistics due to COVID restrictions called for some creative thinking, but thanks to Steve and Sally and many, many hands, the event was a huge success.

A big thank you to Michael Lampi of Sound Rowers for the Beautiful shots! All of Michael’s excellent photos here.

Outstanding job by Sandra and Ron who took the whole thing. Wow we are all so proud of you. You have won a spot on “the very famous Rat Island Cup” !

1 Sandra Wanstall, Ron Moller                          2x-OW           F/M                56:19.1

2 Steve Chapin, R Storb, A Storb, J Bernard   4x OW     M         56:52.4      +0:33.3

12 Peggy M, Micaela C, Kirstin F, Kathy WS    4x      F     1:01:59.4    +5:40.3

15 Jeanne C, Jim M, Paul C, Michele O       4x        F/M    1:05:57.4       +9:38.3

16 Noah Seixas, Geoff Jones         2x flatwater      M      1:06:34.8         +10:15.7

19 Mari F, Susan L, Amy G, Chris R, Linda N   4xOW     F     1:09:10.4    +12:51.3

20  Tuf as Nails                           8+              F          1:10:37.2       +14:18.1

Penny J, Heather DN, Zoe Ann D, Mitzi N, Rachel K, Nikki R, Robin M,  Jana F, Barb H

24 Sally G., Janet P, Sue O, Corine D   4x     F     1:14:38.7    +18:19.6

37 Karen M, Mary F, Linda D, Marciana H   4x     F   1:22:43.3     +26:24.2


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