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Rat Island Regatta 2018

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

After wringing out the remaining wind from last year’s regatta, the sun came out, the wind died down and everyone had fun. Thank you Sally and Steve and the many helpers who put on this fun race every year that attracts people from all over – including lots of new folks this year!

1 Storb QuadMaas 4x OW F/M 57:57.9 Line honors went once again to Rainer Storb’s quad. LWRC coach Theresa Batty (s.) was still sporting a cast from thumb surgery – Stan would love her adaptation of his famous wrist splints

4 Frank C. 4x F/M 1:03:26.5 +5:28.6 Nice work Sally G (b.), Janet,  Paul, Jim M – you get faster every year!

8 Kathy Whitman 8x+ F/M 1:08:19.5 +10:21.6 Larry (b.), Connie, Martha, Linda J., Lynn, Toni, Peggy, Ted, Kathleen (c.)

15 Bogie 4x F 1:12:02.0 +14:04.1 Mari (b.) California guest, Trish, Nikki

16 Mark Miller – Maas 24  M 1:12:24.9 +14:27.0

22 Friendship (Tempe crew)  8+ F/M 1:16:43.5 +18:45.6

27 Stan Pocock 4x F 1:18:17.9 +20:20.0 Mary F (b.), Linda D., Karen M, Liz (the girls in pearls)

35 David McWethy – Maas 24  M 1:28:26.7 +30:28.8

40 Ristretto 2x Flatwater F/M 1:36:04.8 +38:06.9 Jim B, Rayne

As always, full credit goes to Sound Rowers photographers Michael Lampi, and  Janice Wells. Thank you to Michael and Janice for sharing your beautiful photos FOR ALL SOUND ROWERS PHOTOS, click on: Michael Lampi Janice Wells

A special thanks goes out this year to the incredibly talented Pam Harper for her stunning artwork – a watercolor she painted during one of our Wooden Boat Regattas. Pam and her husband Guy Harper are our unofficial “godparents” This year’s poster will be a hard act to follow.


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