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Rat Island Regatta 2015

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Another one for the scrapbook! Thanks to Steve Chapin and Sally Giesler, the Rat Island Regatta was – to quote Linda Deal – “A lovely day and a great event”

And thanks to Steve Chapin, Ron Wheeler,  Paul Rollinger Terrie Ragins and yours truly, we can let the pictures do the talking. (click on the red names for more photos from each)

Steve writes: Unlike the usual postings on the SR Photography page, Paul and Michael worked it out so these should be downloadable for personal use! 

 Dose 1:00:20.4 Congratulations to the crew of the Dose who finished first of all the Rats… John C., Dr. Dave, and friends from Tempe Josh and John K.  John K made this delightful montage of his maiden voyage to Port Townsend and the Rat Island Regatta. (See bottom of page)


John K, Dr. Dave, John C and Josh (photo credit Paul Rollinger)

Lorna 1:02:08.6


Toni, Ted, Liz and Larry (Photo credit Paul Rollinger)

Tuf as Nails 1:02:58.9

And congratulations to the Nails who finished first in their division


l. to r.Penny Jensen, Ann Wiltshire, Jana Filli, Nikki Russell, Dianne Roberts (the world’s largest cox’n J) Barb Hager, Mari Friend, Trish Berry, Jennefer Wood (Photo credit Paul Rollinger)

For the rest of us, there were plenty of kudos to go around and no one went home with anything less than a red ribbon – (See full long course race results here) 

Frank C. 1:05:26.3


Micaela, Steve J, Linda J, Sally (Photo credit Paul Rollinger)

Riverside 1:09:42.3


Kate, Marsha, Michele, Jeanne (Photo credit Paul Rollinger)

Jim M and Jim B  1:11:53.3

the jims

The Jims (Photo credit Paul Rollinger)

Bogie 1:13:45.6


Francine, Cara, Patti, Kathleen (Photo credit Ron Wheeler)

Juan de Fuca 1:26:22.8


Connie, Martha, Mary, Peggy (Photo credit Paul Rollinger)

Congratulations everyone! And thank you to all who participated on the water and on the beach and in the boathouse. This takes an enormous amount of effort, time and teamwork.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.04.37 AM


Nice one of Patti (Photo credit Paul Rollinger)

John K’s adventure to Port Townsend


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