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Sequim Bay Regatta 2019

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Another fun year at the Sequim Bay Reach & Row for Hospice event.

Some of us were late to the starting line. Some of us had to back up and re-round buoys and some of us had minor fender benders, but hey – that’s racing!

Full results here Dave Pitman’s Aerial drone photos here Doug Schwarz (SBYC Commodore) photos here

(Photo Dave Pitman) Congratulations to Sandra W who took first overall, putting away some formidable competition in her Aero’s maiden race, and nailing the course like a local. Just look at her make a beeline for that first mark (above, upper right corner) shaving the hair off the buoy (below). Good work Sandra!

Sandra Wanstall        1x OWII    33:58:08 (Photo Doug Schwarz)

Charley Kanieski       1x OWII        34:51:0 (Photo Dave Pitman)

Tuf as Nails: Jana, Nikki, Penny, Heather and Zoe (Photo Doug Schwarz)

Blue Streak                 4x+                  35:56:3

Two Old: Jim M, Don  B      (Photo Doug Schwarz)

Two Old                      2x flatwater           37:17:5

Triple Terror: Dave W, Paul C, Bill D.   (Photo Doug Schwarz)

Triple Terror           3x flatwater                40:10

Jeanne Costello          OWIII               42:02:2 (Photo Doug Schwarz)

Francine Rose          OWIII                 42:21:9 (Photo Doug Schwarz)

RILAB: Ted. Karen B, Kathy W, Holly (Photo Doug Schwarz) 

RILAB  (Frank C)                        4x                                 42:35:0

Black Pearl Duo Mari, Ann We (Photo Doug Schwarz)    

Black Pearl Duo                2x flatwater                50:49:7

Thank you to our gracious hosts for a wonderful time, great food, fun racing – and all for a good cause….


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