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The Race is ON!!! Restoring the Kathy L Whitman

Updated: Sep 21

The Race is ON! We had 30 days to raise enough money to restore our unique 16-oared Pocock classic racing shell the Kathy Lazara Whitman…and thanks to you, We DID IT!!!


 3/4/15 The group in Port Townsend certainly knows how to lovingly restore a boat. Joan Van Blom, 3-time Olympian (’76-’84) and a 2-time silver medalist.

3/3/15 Wow! I have contributed to the restoration of this fine shell. It is so fabulous that effort is going to reclaim this work of art. – Kathy Lazara Whitman, Aquatics Manager, Seattle Parks and Recreation.  

3/2/15 Our friends back in Port Townsend have a worthy goal. – Schooner Martha Foundation. 

3/3/15 I sure wish Stan [Pocock] was along to view this activity as he would have enjoyed reliving the construction and would have so much to offer. But he was the last, so now it is up to others to continue this history. -Guy Harper, Ancient Mariners Rowing Club, former UW crew and friend of Stan Pocock. 

Follow her progress from Before to After. For ongoing updates keep checking our Indiegogo UPDATES page


The decks were removed to see the extent of damage to the frames More photos here



All hardware was removed in preparation for the countless hours of sanding ahead More Photos Here



63 feet of hand sanding ahead of you seems to grow as you glance sternward…!

wide angle


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