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The Rats Take the Cake

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

…and the cheese, Nicoise salad, shrimp and all the other goodies at our annual holiday bash. But Sally’s cake said it all – thank you everyone for a job well done.


Thank you Jeanne for many years of service as treasurer and welcome Denise, our new treasurer. Thank you Jim M., Jim C. Mari,  Denise, Steve C., Sally G., Kathleen, Sally A., Francine, Erica, Ted, Marsha, Dave, Janet, Michaela, Johanna, and many more who would be immortalized in buttercream frosting if it weren’t for space (and caloric) considerations.

And a great big thanks to our fearless leader Michele!

The bent skeg award went to Karsten Figueroa, who’s already sadly missed (sniff). Runner up was Mary Fortman – a fellow hiker and friend of Kathleen, who we thank for coxing us through the dregs of winter with fun hikes and good friends. Stay in shape and stay in touch by joining the Winter Rats. Email Denise Pranger to get on the mailing list if you don’t Facebook.

Th-th-that’s all Folks!  Happy holidays everyone! (forgive my blurry camera – you all looked super sharp  to me!) more photos here



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