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HOTL 2018

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

What a difference a year makes! Last year the weather was so bad, the Rats didn’t even make it across the Hood Canal bridge, and the forecast this year wasn’t rosy either but as luck would have it, Sunday Nov 4 turned into a capital day for a regatta. Congratulations all who participated, those who medaled and many thanks to those who supported them.

SEE ALL PHOTOS HERE Thank you Ann Weinmann, Jim Buckley and Row2k for the great pictures!

23b – MST 4x F-H Mixed Masters 4x F-H

FRANK C 4: Jim Mason 3: Paul Carter 2: Janet Palmer 1: Micaela Colley

STAN POCOCK 4: Donald Berger 3: Michele Olsen 2: Stephen Jefferies 1: Jeanne Costello

23a – MST 4x B-E Mixed Masters 4x B-E

LORNA 4: Sandra Wanstall 3: Bill Dudley 2: Kirstin Frederickson 1: Ted Shoulberg

BLUE STREAK 4: Andrew Olney 3: William Mahoney 2: Maribeth Cannavaro 1: Laura Cook Cox: Penny Jensen

36c – MST 4x E-H Womens Masters 4x E-H

BOGIE 4: Jana Filli 3: Ann Weinmann 2: Connie Voigt 1: Mari Friend

As always, I was cheering you on from the W. Montlake timing station where the accommodations were luxurious and the company sublime. Next year come say hi if you’re on the SYC side of the cut.


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