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HOTL 2019

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

What a glorious day for HOTL, considering the  weather anxiety LWRC must face, holding a race of this magnitude in November! A big thanks to our hosts for their hard work every year, bringing  great rowers together for this spectacular event.

Congratulations to all our rowers. You may be relatively new but you logged some of the fastest times that I can remember. You faced some tough competition and we’re all incredibly proud of you!

Silver medalists! Stan Paul, Noah, Kirstin, Micaela (b.) 20:48:36

Frank C. Dave W. , Kathy W., Amy, Bill M. (b.) 22:26:35

Lorna: Mary, Dave S. Karen B. Bill D. (b.) 24:38:76

Rosemary (Maas Aero) Sandra W. (26:09:23)

Avalon Club 8 Mari F. 22:40:98

PS – you might have notice one shell came back on our trailer that wasn’t there for the trip over….What can it be??  More details to come

(photos courtesy Kirstin F., Bill M. and Mari F.)

That’s it for now, til next year…from your friendly timers (and cheerleaders) at the West Montlake Cut.


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