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Rat Island Regatta 2017

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

It was a bit rougher than last year. Times were a bit slower and crews were definitely wetter but it was a fun challenge and thank heaven (and the launch crews) all came back safe .

Congratulations to Rainer Storb’s quad for taking line honors again this year.

(photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

1  4x OW F/M 1:00:36.9 R Storb, A Storb, T Batty, S Chapin

This photo by Joel Rogers captured the second, third and fourth place finishers right after the start of the race – spooky!

2 Irena Baker, Peter Hirtle Seattle, Lake Forest Park – Maas 2X 2x OW 1:04:13.2 +3:36.3 …..3 Lake Washington Rowing Club Maas 2X 2x OW 1:06:56.9 +6:20.0 (photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

Congratulations to the Frank C. for being the first of our shells again this year!

(photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

4  Frank C. 4x F/M 1:07:34.7 +6:57  Sally G-bow cox, Jim M, Janet, Micaela

Kudos to Don Berger and the fledgling crew at Sequim Bay who came in seventh….

(photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

7 Sequim Bay Yacht Club Rowing  1:09:39.0 +9:02.1

Stan would be proud of his intrepid crew soldiering through the rough stuff  in the newly named Stan Pocock

(photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

9 Stan Pocock 4x F/M 1:10:36.3 +9:59 Jim B-bow cox, Ted, Rhayne, Peggy M

Sandwiched between Ann Wi (Cox) and Ann We (Bow) Rats and Nails pulled together

(photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

16  Kathy Lazara Whitman 8x+ F 1:16:00.8 +15:23  Ann Wiltshire cox, Char, Barb, Nikki, Allison, Mari. Ann We, Connie, Patricia

In the name of Friendship (and fun) the Tempe crew made their annual pilgrimage north

(photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

21 Friendship 8+ F/M 1:21:40.2 +21:03.3 Tempe Town Lake Rowers

The race was not without incidents. Two boats swamped and had to be towed in. As Dave McWethy pointed out, it was a good day to have a stern cox, not just for navigation, but for bailing!

(photo courtesy of Joel Rogers)

Back on land, all ended well as freshly grilled salmon, lots of food, beer, a beach campfire and the warmth of good company made for a happy ending. Thank you to all the launch drivers, cooks, kitchen staff, clean up crews, registration committee, and the many many people it takes to pull off an organizational miracle like this, especially our fearless leaders Sally Giesler and Steve Chapin.

Many many thanks to Joel Rogers for his outstanding photos including the featured banner photo. See his entire set of 2017 Rat Island Regatta photos at

And again, many thanks to Robert Armstrong who gave us permission to use his awesome and fun character Mickey Rat for promoting this year’s event.

TH-th-that’s all folks!


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