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Sculling for Girls (1906)

Updated: Jan 13

Heidi Danilchik (Lucy Pocock-Stillwell’s granddaughter) shared this article with us. “Sculling for Girls” (1906) It starts out as a puff piece (“All ladies who wish to race in skiffs should first visit their doctors” and give up “sweets and pastry being the feminine substitute for tobacco and casual drinks”) But it contains surprisingly detailed instructions on the Thames Waterman Stroke, many of which were covered in Jane’s talk last Saturday …complete with well executed visual aids by two double sculling champions (in high heels) Courtesy Pocock Family Collectio. Read  Entire Article here

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Sculling for Girls 1906-1

Sculling for Girls 1906-2
Sculling for Girls 1906-3
Sculling for Girls 1906-4
Sculling for Girls 1906-5
Sculling for Girls 1906-6

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